Clan EIT (rhymes with might!) is the world's most awesome (and only) Nethack clan!
Nobody messes with Clan EIT!!!
Pilgrim, you enter a sacred place. --More--
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? 2009-11-13 -Behold the Clan EIT Elite Scoreboard!, by eit_krog!
? 2008-10-30 -eit_durok for president!
? 2004-11-02 -eit_durok for president!
? 2004-10-31 -Get pzyched for 2004!!! EIT is geared up to dominate the field, even though the tournament organizers have resorted to changing the rules to keep us down.
? 2004-07-07 -Clan EIT 0wnz! Update your bookmarks now, you goats!
? 2004-04-26 -Just noticed Clan EIT was mentioned in Dudley's dungeon last month.
? 2004-02-20 -A belated follow-up: eit_krog's wrapup of the 2003 season. Read the whole thread to see how clan eit put a boot to the teeth of the whining vanquished.
? 2003-12-01 -Congrats to all of Clan EIT for destroying the competition! eit_brad's World Record winning high score deserves its own frame:
                                 High Score
No  Points      Name                                     HP [max]  Days
1   2222265672  eit_brad-Cav-Hum-Mal-Neu died on the     -  [389]  9
                 Astral Plane.  Killed by a newt.
Congrats also to eit_cyrus for winning highest scoring wizard with the tourney's #3 score (127711638 points, Turned into green slime). As a team, we put up 8 ascensions and had 34 games in the top 500! We are SO AX3S0ME!
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Click on us and DIE!

1 - Tilesets are for weenies! Color is for llamas! We only play with GREEN ON BLACK!!!
3 - Don't kill Izchak!
4 - No camping!! (new rule!)
6 - Clan EIT Forever!

Click here to see recently de-classified pics of Clan EIT in action! Because we are like BALROGS, the rest of you are like slime molds. Clan EIT Rules!!

Click here to visit the message board and delight in our witty intonations and cunning conversational ripostes. Don't to forget to vote in our polls!! (ps does anyone know how to fix the flappin' colors on the ezboard?!?!?) This is eit_cyrus' improved version of the game playback script from the tournament. Perhaps it will help you mere mortals learn a lesson from us - the MASTERS OF THE GNOMISH MINES!! HA HA SUCKAS!!!
eit_skin.txt New! OFFICIAL REGULATION CLAN EIT SKINZ! Designed by eit_durok, this intimidating skin is used by all clan eit members to give us an extra edge in the dungeon.

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Spoilers Yet another nethack site.
What Fools Play Nethack as one of the gods. Hilarious.
Dudley's dungeon Nethack comic.
ZAPM eit_cyrus' own outer space roguelike project.
The Nitlings eit_lifto voyages to the Planet Of Your Mom.
Dungeon Majesty !!
ATI Radeon 9500 ASC recommended hardware for all Nethax0rz

Mortals: Stop by our message board and pray for mercy. Ha ha, grovelling rothe fodder!!

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