Members of Clan EIT!
Favorite Monster: krakens
Advice for noobs: the rule of thumb is, the cheaper something is, the better it is. i'm sure there are exceptions to that rule, but generally if you see a 400 zorkmid scroll you'll be all ``fucking shit that scroll must KICK SERUISOAS ASSSS!!!'' and then you buy it and read it and it destroys your prized +3 blessed mummy wrapping. and that can be a big downer.
YASD:Killed himself with his bullwhip
Favorite character class: Monks. Omnivorous, succubi-consorting, artifact wishing monks. But monks, nonetheless.
Favorite comestible: huge chunks of meat
Favorite dungeon delving music: Rush
No shit there I was: I was hanging out in a co-aligned temple, repeatedly introducing Asmodeus to my cockatrice corpse, when I heard a zap. I'm pretty buff, so I ignore the zap and cast Stone to Flesh at Asmodeus' statue. "You smell the odor of meat." WTF? Seems some gnome lord zapped a wand of striking at my cash cow! 3202 XP every two turns was now a pile of 44 meatballs.
Favorite potions: blessed smoky potions of full healing :-)
Oops:The rock troll zaps a wand of lightning! The bolt of lightning hits you! You aren't affected. Your wand of wishing breaks apart and explodes!
Favorite comestible:Blessed tins of dried invisible stalkers.
Favorite comestible: white unicorn. with a yellow mold chutney
Favored Enemy:master lichen
Favorite character class: Blind Samurai
Favorite weapon: two-weapon katan/wakizashi combo - KIAIII!!!!
Favorite comestible: owlbear meat
Favorite pet: large dog named Tylenol (R.I.P. Tylenol, killed by a mumak in Minetown, *snif*)
Favorite quote: "Shimatta... gomen nasai" (after bisecting a foe)
his mystery:only surpased by his enigmaness
favorite food:cooked flesh boulder
YASD:Killed by transoceanic lag while applying a whip to tame leashed succubi.
YASD:Killed by falling downstairs.
Born: An auspicious August morning in Krakov, 1847
Died: August 12, 1942 in Africa. Choked on a banana.
Favorite potion: smoky potion of booze (diluted ones on weekdays only)
Evil trademark cruelty: trolls thrown in water or lava. (The Troll drowns. --More-- AAhahaha)
Favorite Advice: No, this +2 axe will NOT one-round-kill that floating EYE !!1 .. SEE ??
Favorite Hangout: Mr Weliki Oestjoeg's liquor emporium
Least Favorite Hangout: Sokoban. Curses upon you, boulders and mind usage.
I am a happy nethacker!! I go into the dungeon and kill lot of stuff. CLAN_EIT RULEZ. Once I got all the way to lv4, but then I got killled by something Bcuz I was Krazzy. WE RULEE!!!
Favorite Character: Male Human, Samurai or Chaotic Barbarian. If I have a dog I name it Fusebox; cats get named Fistula or Skate Key. Once I had a horse named Hoss.
Favorite comestible: Woodland-elf or jackal, both fine and tender meats.
Favorite dungeon-delving music: Something doomy, like Noothgrush or Corrupted. Sabbath too.
YASD: I brawl with shopkeepers sometimes.
Overheard:"Prove you're evil. Eat this kitten"
Favorite character: Male, Chaotic Elven. Wizards. I like to give my kitty a cute name, like "Newton" or sometimes "Baby Kitty"
Favorite comestible: I'm really into Slime Molds at the moment.
Favorite dungeon delving music: "Black Sabbath" by Black Sabbath.
YASD: Getting killed because I forget to switch back from Dvorak keyboard.
Current Character: level 17 wacked-out Valkyrie who's ugly as sin
YASM: putting everything I own into my bag of holding, including that one unidentified pine wand of cancellation. EIT!
Creature Most Deserving a Wand of Death: were-creatures. i !#$&^# hate those lycanthropic morons!
YASD:Killed by a contact-poisoned spellbook
Overheard: Perhaps I should make a firm commitment to my general tradition of changing alignment as soon as possible. Sacrificial kittens.
Yak has been playing Nethack since he was just some loser listening to Escape Club in the 4th grade. You'd think this would make him one of the most formidable HAX0RS around, but in fact he is nothing more than a lowly savescummer. His only hope of coming clean (and paying off his extensive gambling debts) is to compete legitimately in this year's nethack tournament.