Showdown in Minetown!

Box Score
Frags per period: 1 2 3 OT
Clan EIT 11 22 13 12*
GnomeTown 0 0 0 0
* all gnomes were genocided during overtime.

Spoils of Victory
Gems Gold Items Total
$23500 $988 $7253 $31741

League Standings
Clan EIT k1x @ss!
Everyone Else suxx!
What was supposed to be a friendly scrimmage between Clan EIT and Gnome Town United quickly turned into a violent bloodbath, as the Heroes of Clan EIT ruthlessly executed every last one of their hapless opponents, as well as the minetown guard match referees. Even the spectators were decimated: only lighting store clerk Izchak survived the massacre.

To put a finishing touch on the vicious fragfest, battle-crazed eit_quincy called for a special overtime period and read a blessed scroll of genocide, wiping out all G's once and for all. But not before he'd beheaded the priest of Lugh, and converted his temple by offering the corpse to Manannan Mac Lir.

Clan EIT 0WNZ |V|1n3+0wn

"[Gnome Town] thought they could step to Clan EIT, but it turned out those llammas didnt know the 1st thing about tactic and stragety" commented barbarian eit_cyrus over AIM: "omg! those campers even have any good loot either! a bag worth 100 zorkmids turned out to be a bag of tricks, and there wazn't even a single lamp in the whole damn branch. lol i guess they wer just a bunch of po-dunk miner leaguers <g>"

Clan EIT intergalactic HQ