Clan EIT News!
? 2003-11-24 -eit_cyrus has snagged the #1 wizard spot with 127,711,638 points! Just to show how much we RULE, he left a sweet bones file for the next grid bug wannabee who reaches level 22 on deforest
? 2003-11-18 -OMG! eit_brad just wrapped the score variable!! BOOM!
? 2003-11-15 -The roster page has been updated with some new pictures. Expect an update later this week about our many new recruits.
? 2003-11-14 -Almost halfway through the tournament, and EIT is kicking ass! We have 4 spots on the scoreboard, and 7 ascensions so far. eit_cyrus has racked up 4 ascensions out of his first 5 characters! Congratulations to eit_durok and eit_mobius for their first ascensions this week!
? 2003-11-06 -eit_brad has just been eited by a "crash" on the nh0 server. We wouldn't be surpised to find out that our numerous enemies have hax0red the server!! But they'll have to do better than that to keep this clan down!
? 2003-11-03 -eit_cyrus has just scored the clan's first tournament ascension. Many more to follow, no doubt!
? 2003-10-31 -Clan EIT is all set to kick some serious ass in this year's tournament! Watch this space for updates throughout the month of November...
? 2003-08-24 -True to form, Clan EIT just owned Minetown Utd in a pre-season scrimmage. Although it looks like MT won't be having a season anymore LOL!!!
? 2003-08-21 -Clan EIT's rivals have failed to buy out MVP Brad's contract.
? 2003-06-12 -Summer training is underway.
? 2002-12-01 -The tourney has ended, and eit_brad has done us all proud with the 2nd highest scoring Wizard. Congrats to all of us for kicking so much ass! Next year we will crush everyone!
? 2002-11-29 -Clan eit skins now available in the downloads section.
? 2002-11-20 -THIS JUST IN! eit_brad just ascended the tournament's first place score! 110686328 points!! That's Brad's second ascension in the tourney, and the clan's third! BOOM!
? 2002-11-19 -clan EIT bomb ass webpage goes on line.
? 2002-11-14 -clan EIT hackathon in Athena cluster m37. Pics here.
? 2002-11-09 -eit_cyrus ascends as third place Valk, 9th overall score, clenching the clan's second tournament ascension.
? 2002-11-06 -eit_brad ascends in tournament, claiming third place overall score, and first place monk for clan eit. Congrats for scoring clan EIT's first competetion ascension!
? 2002-10-31 -clan EIT formed by eit_cyrus and eit_durok to compete in the devnull nethack tournament