Clan EIT Pics!

Clan eit organizing a coordinated assault on the Mazes of Menace!

Lifto blasting the skin off some punk-ass gnome lord that got in his way.

Better get your sorry ass out of the Dungeon ASAFP because EIT_DUROK is in there with his ZEN SAMURAI!! His weapons: two swords, a blindfold, and a BAD MUTHAFUCKIN ATTITUDE!!!!

eit_cyrus just found a wand of wishing in Sokoban! Better hope someone finds a wand of scraping-your-liquefied-remains-off-the-dungeon-wall now, sucka!

eit-brad ascending with his loyal feline friend Samantha.

eit_wally's terrifying Valkyrie is going to rip off the Wizard of Yendor's balls and make 'em into a bow tie!

eit_biomorph. The man who would break his own wand of polymorph in two just to prove a point.

Clan EIT owns j00!